Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning...

Monday Mornings,so much to do,have to have COFFEE.I got some Starbucks coffee in beans at Target,cheapest place to get my coffee,and grind it up in my little grinder.

So Mr Sunflower kept knocking the birdfeeder off and eating the seeds before the birds could even get to it of the mornings.My husband put the feeder up on a tree branch.Mr Sunflower gets peanuts left out,we always get peanuts when we go to Five Guys,hey they're free and bring him back some.

I love Mums...

Okay,the Miss Sugar Baby wanted glaze on the cake,so...
I melt a tablespoon of butter,put in 1 tsp of vanilla,one and a half to two tablespoons of milk to one cup of powdered sugar.It depends on how thick I want the glaze,I just put a little at a time,don't measure,but it gives you an idea of how much milk.Mix it up and drizzle on cake.

This week I am making more strawberry jam,get strawberries at Costco when not in season in the Spring.I cut up the strawberry ends,any bad places,mash 5 cups of strawberries.I put these in the freezer till I make up the jam this week.

I put in dinner in a crockpot,so much easier when I'm homeschooling.I throw in a pack of meat,four cans of beef gravy,usually use three cans and one mushroom soup,didn't have it.Then I put in some seasonings of garlic salt,Steak seasoning,dried onion and two bouillion cubes.I normally put in a Lipton dried onion soup pack,ran out.But the dried onion and boullion cubes are the same thing.I put on low till dinner.I'm doing mashed potatoes,but you can put it over noodles..

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