Monday, October 14, 2013

Painted Bathroom Cabinet...

I finally painted my old dark wood bathroom cabinet. Doesn't it feel so good when you finish something you've put off so long? :D I love this color, it's Bayberry by Folk Art. You know those little Folk Art bottles of paint at Michaels and Joannes. I used almost 5 little bottles, because they didn't have big ones. It took about 3 coats of the paint and 2 coats of Modpodge.I let the paint dry good between coats and after I Modpodged it letting the Modpodge dry over night, before putting the 2nd coat on. I let the last Modpodge coat set 24 hours before setting anything on it. Now I have to get knobs for it, I only kept one on for now till I get the set I need.

 It should have another coat, I ran out of Modpodge for now. I put 3 coats on the little green table in my living room. The cool thing about Modpodge if you want you can put photos on with the first coat like I did on the table. Those were computer prints mostly, my friend once did a table and covered the top with photos and used polyurethane as the sealer. She put tons of coats on it. I don't have that patience or room for such a long project, but it was awesome.  

Then I had some Cocoa with Reddiwhip and sprinkled cinnamon on top, with a pumpkin cupcake. By the time I took the photo the Reddiwhip had started to melt, but you get the idea. LOL It's Fall and time for cocoa and pumpkin anything.