Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Girl's Room..

There's a new baby coming this month,Yay!I took photos of her room today,so pretty.


Sharon said...

What a beautiful nursery! When is your baby due? How fun and exciting!!!

Hugs, Sharon

FairHaven said...

Oh,thank you so much,they worked so hard on it.I'm so proud of them,the baby was born Thursday afternoon.A funny story,about the little outfit she has out to take her home in.Well,she came home a day early yesterday(c section),and she did bring her home in that outfit.The funny part is,they were so excited,they forgot to take a pic of her in it at the hospital.She cracked up laughing today telling me she was going to put it back on her tomorrow and take the photo.LOL I said,"You are staging a photo?"It was so funny.It's one of those,if someone doesn't ask,noone will ever know it wasn't taken when she got home that day. ;)