Thursday, February 25, 2016

What are we eating anyway?

I've been looking at the backs of some of my favorite things since people have been pointing out what we're actually eating, and it can be better homemade. Sooo, I'm not turning my food choices upside down, but I am trying to make things more homemade, which will be healthier. I'm paying attention more to what's in the ingredients, and where the food is coming from. There's got to be a reason they don't have to tell where everything is from. They can put US made, but some of the ingredients weren't made here, and they don't have to tell. If you research it, you'll find it's not all from here, but alot in it from China and Mexico.

I'm buying more local, will be going back to the farmers markets when it starts back up, but in the meantime just taking a look at my everyday labels. Every morning I have my coffee, and use coffeemate for my creamor. I thought if I bought the original it would be more healthy, just more cream, but oh no.

I just assumed, and didn't look at the back, but most of the flavors are mostly water, cornsyrup, artificial sweetners, and what the heck ever else is anyone's guess. Anyway, I was looking for some homemade coffee creamor recipes and found this one... I'm sure there's alot more, but I'm going to go for this one first. I think my favorite will be her Sweet Cream recipe.. 14oz sweetened condensed milk   1 3/4 cup heavy cream  2 teaspoons vanilla extract  1 teaspoon almond extract.  I want to put it here for myself in case I can't find the page again, so many pages I loved just disappeared.

I thoroughly suspect our food ingredients is what's causing widespread sickness, and disease like I've never seen before. I'm switching from more "out of the box" foods, and going more for scratch home cooking. It will take longer, but what my mother and grandmother did was cook ahead and freeze dinners, pizzas, bread. Everything tastes better anyway homecooked.

Don't get me wrong, I do cook homecooked meals, but have way too many boxed foods I use almost everyday. If you look back on many childhood memories, food at home, or grandma's house, the smell when you walked in, the taste is what many kids today won't be able to look back on. That's a shame, they'll be searching for homemade recipes online. It will be called retro, or as much of it is called today... old time cooking.

I mean we just found out on numerous news sites that our parmesan from the main brands have wood pulp. Woodpulp? I buy big things of Kraft Parmesan and love it, now I'll do without, thank you. Here's one article, but there's many...

 I buy Kraft, because it's name brand, and I've always trusted it, so now I need to rethink alot on what I'm putting in my family.  It's my responsiblity, because I'm the one who buys, and does most of the cooking. My husband does the Sunday thing, I love Sundays. :D He does breakfast, and every other Sunday makes burgers that last for three days a week.

As more and more companies are moving out of the country for cheaper labor, which means less health inspections for their factories, cereal is something I've cut back on anyway. As I read the unhealthy ingredients in our foods, and read the FDA allows certain things to a degree, and people are getting sick from foods that got passed as healthy, makes you wonder, doesn't it? There's tons of  homemade recipes online, in books, and people have old recipes from Mom and grandmas. 

How many things in a month are found to have ecoli, how many recalls are in the media one day, and you don't hear about them again. I've called my grocery store and asked about a recall, and they didn't know what I was talking about. Then  they looked at emails and saw it, what if noone pointed it out? I've found expired dates on boxes in stores. So we have to take it upon ourselves to watch what we feed our family, because apparently the companies don't care. Convenience shouldn't be the goal to feed our family, we are what we eat, so I'm making a conscious effort to change some things.

A grocery store we've went to for years has now closed, because they're close to a Walmart. Walmart has cheaper prices, maybe cents off, and people feel they're getting a deal. They'll buy the Walmart brand, so if you want cheaper that's what you'll get. Then they'll close stores that have caused the closures of local stores, what do you have then? You have to drive further, and then there's the loss of more jobs. Actually people might be better off since most everything in Walmart is made in China.

I'm getting offtopic, although it ties in, there's a whole lot more on that subject, and companies moving out of the country for cheap labor. This is my two cents of the day, I'm not political for food control, but I am a mother and grandmother, that makes it more important. :)  I'm just tired of everyday reading and hearing about more and more people, way too many kids, becoming sick and diseased, and I blame most of it on what they're putting in our food. There's fake ingredients, GMOs, toxic sprays on the food growing, etc. Take a look around for yourself, you'll be surprised at what you find.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas 2015

My daughter and I have been celebrating since November watching Hallmark movies, and we get presents through the year. lol We watch at least one Christmas movie a night, we have tons, and we put the names in her hat and pick one each. :) It's so peaceful to have on the Christmas tree lights, and the Christmas village lights. We light candles, and settle in for a movie.

Here's some photos...

My daughter apparently thinks Morierty and Batman funkos can guard the stable. lol 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Pumpkin Patch at Corn Maze in the Plains, Va...

I love this time of year, it's beautiful and fun. We went to the Pumpkin Patch Festival last weekend and had a great time...
Then ofcourse there were the wonderful goodies...

Being in the Fall mood for cookies my daughter made and decorated cookies, she's so cute. :D

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall birthdays...

I love Fall birthdays, we can roast hotdogs and make smores on the grill. There's just a little chill, the fire smells so wonderful, and the leaves are turning outside. My favorite time of year.

Bakery cupcakes are so special, I love the boxes they come in, and save those, too. lol

My carousel to add to my Christmas village, my favorite piece I've ever gotten. It not only spins around, but plays carousel music. Brings back such wonderful childhood memories.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Love these teacups

Don't you just adore these teacups? I want to get some like it, make those cupcakes with the cupcake papers to match.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some days you just have to go Tasha...

There's days you just need to get back to your balance, kick back and go Tasha. I miss her, and not having another post showing us a simpler time. However, she gave us so much, and I think of her often, as I know so many do.I made some jasmine green tea, and wanted to put up some apple recipes since it's almost orchard time. I can't wait, so excited...