Sunday, May 30, 2010

Guess what my husband found in the backyard in the grass...So adorable,five little bunnies in a little fur made nest.I couldn't get a pic of all five,just a quick pic of the inside,because my husband wanted to make sure he hadn't stepped on them before he knew they were even there.They're fine and you can see them jumping like jumping beans under the fur nest,so cute.Maybe when they're a little older I can take some pics.Right now we don't want the mother to become frightened and not come back to take care of them.He put more things around the top to give more cover for them.Later the mother came and we could see her eye peeking out of the brush at us.LOL

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crochet Working...

I'm working on two different afghans,ofcourse,it's just me.First a six point round ripple blanket,it's all pink and I'll crochet some roses around it.Then mini granny squares into an afghan,I'm just all about afghans lately.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Yay!Finished Another Afghan...

I finished this afghan and am on to doing a Hexagon One.I'll show progress on the new one as I work it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy week...

I've been putting my motifs together for my afghan so I can crochet the border around.Always the exciting part,because I know it's the near finish. :)

I've been doing spring cleaning,so off came the curtains.It sure made the room brighter,almost hated putting them back up.So,after I washed them,I just put up my white sheers.

I love my blue jars,fill them up with my dried flowers and roses and buttons.

My son got me a Iceberg Tea Rose plant for Mother's Day,I've since put on back deck.It needs full sun,but it makes so many roses and so beautiful,I hated to take it out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reaping from Outside

My Azaleas are blooming and more spring flowers.

I love when the flowers and herbs are starting to grow and I can bring some in the house.I got a little bit of chives and made chive butter(just cut in tiny pieces and stir in softened butter,use the next day),a few pieces of basil,mint for my tea and oregano to dry out.

I got English Afternoon Tea and thought a piece of Mint would taste nice in it.

My husband grabbed me a couple of roses,because they're beautiful. :)

Monday's carwash...

I've always loved carwashs,for some reason they always made me feel all snug and cozy like I was in an enclosed bathtub. :) So,Monday we were going thru and I decided to take photos,just for kicks.