Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful Evening and American Classic...

I was craving this meal,so ran to store and on the way back home,I looked up at the sky.

"Oh Honey,please take this pic while we're at the stoplight,it's on your side."

"What,I'm driving,you're crazy."

He took it.It just reminded me of God.

Then pulling up the road,I said...

"Oh Honey,stop over here,pull over."

"But,we're almost home,you're crazy."

~Sigh~He pulls over.LOL

I get out of the car and stand in the middle of the road to take the church steeple with beautiful sky. :)

I will tell you,I was so craving the classic American Dinner of meatloaf,mashed potatoes,corn and cornbread today.So,I did it,mm.I put the ingredients in above pic,in my meatloaf,I don't like it plain.I just put in amounts to taste,but two eggs,and the one packet of Lipton Dried Onion Soup,great if you forgot to get onions,Ahem.

Anyway,so I made my meatloaf in my black frying pan in oven,mashed potatoes,with milk and tons of butter and a loaf of cornbread.Oh,my kitchen,well the whole house smelled so good.What is it about this meal that lasts generation after generation?

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