Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rusting safety pins...

Yep,we're a crazy bunch,some throw rusted things away,some make them rusty.Yes,I'm the wacky bunch that have to prim up just about everything.I've started pulling out my craft stuff preparing for the holiday,mica and glitter will be everywhere as usual during this time,even in people's hair.I can hear all the whining now,LOL.I can't believe we're at this time of year already.But,the muslin will be made into ornies,the embroidery will be done and mica will be sprinkled on craftspray.
P.S.It's October 12th,I put the pins in bleach one day,then vinegar/salt the next,then the next day,put them in the bleach/vinegar/salt mix for a day and night.Sooo,it worked,but killed some pins,LOL,yep rusted the heads off some.I think I wee bit over did them,but they rusted.Hooray!So,I was thinking if pepsi rusts paint off cars,why not jingle bells?WooHoo,I put them in my bleach/vinegar/salt mix last night,emptied that out and today they're in pepsi,I'll let you know the results.

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