Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot Chocolatey Mornings...

Doesn't Fall mornings remind you of Pooh?Oh,it's a hot chocolatey morning,it's just cool enough to where you want to stay snuggled under the covers and not get up.But,I ofcourse will have coffee with pumpkinspice creamor.Actually,my grandson and daughter are watching Pooh this morning,so I'm in a cozy pooh mood.
"Well," said Pooh, "it's the middle of the night, which is a good time for going to sleep. And to-morrow morning we'll have some honey for breakfast. Do Tiggers like honey?" "They like everything," said Tigger cheerfully. "Then if they like going to sleep on the floor, I'll go back to bed," said Pooh, "and we'll do things in the morning.Good night." And he got back into bed and went fast asleep

We always put some cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar in some milk, heat it up in a cup, makes the best cocoa.  Just experiment with how much of each to taste.  

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