Monday, October 22, 2007

Down in the Hollar...

As a child we lived with our grandparents,down in the hollar.You had to drive forever and a day off the main road on a dirt road till you got to the end,which took you down in the hollar to Grandma's.At the top of the driveway you drove down,then up aways to the house,now this was a long driveway,My grandparents had these goats,which for some unknown reason didn't like my brother and I.I was 5,he was 2.They ate anything and everything.
I really think because we were little,we were an easy food source,we were always running from those crazy goats.In front of the house,there was the driveway from which you drove down a hill,then up.One day,we were doing our usual,running from the goats and jumped in an old car my grandparents had since time began.These crazy goats were jumping up to the windows trying to get us,we were screaming,somehow,now I don't know how to this day,my brother did something in the floor of the drivers side,(I was screaming and hitting the windows for these kid-starved goats to leave.I felt the car slowly moving,at the time,I can't remember if I was so happy to get away from those goats,or scared that the car was moving.It started going a little faster,a little more fast,then faster till we got down to where the road started to go back up out of the hollar and we stopped.I know our eyes had to be big as saucers.My grandparents were running down to the car,we were perfectly safe,but after that the goats were put back in their own area with a more unexcapeable gate.I do remember whenever I looked thier way after that,they would always be staring,with a "One day I'm gonna get ya"look in thier eye.

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