Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Orange or Lemon Pomanders...

Just take an orange or lemon,push some whole cloves all around it.If you can't get it through easily,prick with toothpick first.Mix up a little cinnamon,whole cloves,allspice or any of these spices,dip the spice mix all over the orange after putting in the cloves,smells great and helps to preserve it.I squeeze mine just a wee bit,so the spices can go in the holes a little and will cover the orange.Just stick in a bowl to dry out,takes a number of weeks to dry out,but smells awesome.P.S.Why pay $6 a bottle for cloves?Go to the spanish section in the grocery store and in the spices section,little bags for $1,plus star anise,chamoline flowers,all cheap.

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