Thursday, February 9, 2012

Well, it just figures, I get in this great Spring cleaning mode, (don't know why, it's still winter), and it snows and ices today. So I decided to make chocolate chip cookies and the eggs were only good till the 10th, so I made egg salad. I can't wait to eat some egg salad on toast in the morning with my coffee.

I was thinking all crazy like I wanted potato salad and coleslaw today and was thinking about canning in May.
Well, I tell you, I want one more big snow, because we've been robbed of a winter this season, it's been too warm. I'm thinking Spring already, because we've had days in the 50's and 60's. Anyway, I decided to wash up my canning jars, just because and now I'm craving strawberry jam. I love canning jars, but I'm wierd. I can just see jam, peaches and applesauce in them now,mm.
It's not right, I tell you, I want to put a scarf and hat on a snowman and a carrot nose, watch my daughter play snow angel and Molly try to figure out what the heck that white cold stuff is out there and bark at it from inside the window. :D I want the fam to have fun playing in the snow, (I don't stay long), and have hot cocoa with them when they come in. I want to snuggle up in bed, read a book while it's snowing outside and we're all home together, because noone can go anywhere for the day.

I took all my copper cookie cutters out of the copper chicken and all my old tea things with the biscuit cutters out of the copper basket and washed it all up. It's amazed how things can get all dusty and such in the winter, maybe it's because we cook more or from the heater, I don't know. Then I took all the things around the stove and washed all of that up, it's amazing how much better you feel about the kitchen being clean when you clean all these things up.
Joseph said the copper chicken sounds like a restaurant, so we checked google to see if there was already, sure enough there's one in Arizona. :) Yeah, I'm a googlette, I love using it.

I don't know why they say eggs only take ten minutes to boil, I always have to cook them longer. I hardly ever use the dishwasher, I love washing dishes, told ya I was wierd, anyway you're suppose to just plop them in, walk away and be done with it. Well I wasn't sure how it would do, since it's hardly been used, so I sat down and watched it for awhile. LOL I just imagined a whole dishwasher full of water flooding out of it all over the floor, well it worked fine. But it's pretty useless putting on the heating to dry feature, because when you open it up, there's water in some things and when you take them out everything gets wet anyway. ~sigh~


Happyone said...

I too like washing dishes and never never use the dishwasher!! I don't use a clothes dryer either.

Winter said...

I love washing them, it's my thinking and idea time. I do use a dryer though, I used to hang them out. But someone told me their kids had allergies and they couldn't hang clothes out, so it made total sense to me. We lived in the woods and pollen was so bad, it helped with spring allergies not hanging them out. But I loved the smell and loved hanging up clothes, also.