Sunday, February 26, 2012


So, the weekend was great, this morning I made French toast, bacon,(I like how the bacon bits cook in with the french toast), and husband made burgers for dinner, yum. I usually use the orange flavoring, instead of vanilla, a few times a year, always on the Christmas Day French toast, but today I used it and it's a nice little different treat.

We went to Costco after breakfast and what is up with gas,almost $4 a gallon and then aluminum foil? I love Costco, great deals, but prices sure are going up there. It's still cheaper to buy the bulk, like two things at a time, instead of one. But around $18 for aluminum foil, seriously? At Walmart, which I usually go to Target, but I wanted to see if it would be cheaper, NOT, it was almost $9 for a little thing. So I'm going back to Costco for the better deal in the long run, but gracious goodness, it's like gold.

Stopped by Joannes for more yarn, these bobbles are expensive, but I so love this one, so I don't mind. It's going to be a blanket and really warm, so totally worth it. I'll be glad when I finish it though, I want to get back to the snowflakes afghan. Hopefully yarn won't skyrocket or I'm going to buy sheep, for the wool. :D HOA would just LOVE that, yep, they'd have a cow, I just know it. Like I'd have time to dye the wool anyway, but I think it would be fun to try it.

Anyway, done with this post, next one will be Kay's hairclips I just finished. TaTa for now. :)


Happyone said...

French Toast!! Yummy, one of my favorite breakfasts.

Winter said...

Oh, I know, especially smelling the cinnamon. We love French toast and that little electric pan cooks them up so fast. I just put some butter on the pan before I put the toast down.