Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peaceful Sundays

I love Sundays, my favorite day of the week. I remember growing up and being at my Grandma's house, I can still smell the fireplace wood burning and her cooking. Grandma made everything special, a true Southern woman from Tennessee and made the best biscuits and gravy you ever tasted, (most southern gals say that).

She made the biscuits in a bowl, with some shortening, like the size of a walnut dropped in the middle of a ditch in the flour and then the buttermilk, she knew exactly how to mix it with just the right texture for the biscuits. It was always the same bowl and she'd put the flour up for the next meal. She'd cut and pat the big biscuits and put a little saved grease from the sausage on top of each one.Oh my gosh, I've not tasted anyone or restaurant that could make them as good and the gravy,mm, I could live off those. I'd be a bajillion pounds, but love it. LOL

Her fried chicken, mashed potatoes, Carrot cake and just about everything was fried, I can taste the cornbread now. I love my old iron pans and use them everyday, because of her. She'd make cream potatoes,cream corn, and cobblers on top of the stove burner. The best blackberry or peach cobbler with the dropped biscuits on top. She also had a cornbread pan where you can cook the cornbread on top of the burner, I have one, also.

I loved going blackberry pickin' with her, despite the fear of seeing a mountain bear, eek. I never did see a bear, but imagined I heard them everytime. :D So much fun to walk on the dirt roads barefoot, with the smell of the honeysucles along the roadside, and it was so beautiful. I would never walk barefoot now, because I'm terrified of snakes, kids aren't afraid of anything, except me with bears.

Sundays, with the peaceful feelings and special Sunday meals, always reminds me of her and the hours I spent watching her cook and sitting at the table with her eating. I know she watches over us and still prays for us as she did everyday of her life here. There's a special place with the Lord for Grandmas that are so much loved.

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