Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Blend and Keurig Reusable basket

First of all let me say I love my Keurig coffeemaker, but their reusuable basket is the biggest waste of $20 I've ever spent. I've read all the comments online and most agree. I've tried all the suggestions to try and get the flawed gadget to work, nope. Still grounds everywhere, all in the whole basket area, all over the bottom of the tray. I don't know why they haven't made a replacement for it knowing it doesn't work and still ripping people off who think it will.

Sooooo, my husband suggested putting some grounds in a coffee filter, tied it off with a bread tie and sit in the gray basket you get with the reusable basket. But it didn't work, the water doesn't go thru to the inside grounds and it's just water in the cup. I said forget it, I just plopped the coffee filter with the bread tie on it in the hot cup of water and let it sit, to seep it and kind of dunked it some. LOL It actually worked, because the thing worked as like a tea seeper.

I should have kept my old coffee maker I gave away when I got my Keurig just for my coffee beans with my scrumpdiliuptious Starbucks Christmas Blend. I was pouring the hot water thru a coffee filter into the cup, but seeping the little coffee filter ball in the cup made the coffee taste better. I'm getting another little coffee maker for use when not using my Kcups , but it was fun playing with our little experiment.

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