Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snow again...

Snowing in Virginia again while the trees are budding, tulips are coming up and birds are singing more ready for Spring. Oh yes it is, so I've gotten my laundry finished, made some more bread and made a cup of Oolong Tea. It's beautiful, however for the farmers out there, not sure it's such a great thing for early planting already in the ground.

I really wanted a little garden this year, but you know it is what it is and you do what you can do. In the meantime I'll support our local farms and farmers market this year and going to get everything I can grown organic.I'm very concerned what is in our foods we buy in the store, since it's not real food and so filled with chemicals and preservatives.

I need a good project to work on now that winter is pretty much over, I'll look into my patterns for spring or summer patterns. Besides scouring the internet for patterns, has alot of good ones for crocheting, knitting and sewing. There's some good Barbie patterns there and this year I'm going to work on the dresses, buy a simple Barbie and giving my girls each one as a present.

I remember when I was a kid Mom was always crocheting us Barbie doll clothes and making us clothes. She also worked on "at the time" projects.
Beddolls of all kinds were very popular. Funny how many things you remember from your childhood. All Mom's craftiness gave me my crafty spirit for a lifetime and my daughters have it in different directions, even though they're not crocheters, that's okay.

We also had parakeets and fish, I've always had parakeets. I also remember other fads at that time in our house, crocheted poodle bottle covers, a dunking bird that predicted the weather, an angel candle carousel, the infamous who's in the doghouse plaque.

I loved those things, I need to get my own. We had and I have crocheted covers for toilet paper, tissue boxes and there's a commercial where Nana's crocheting covers for everything...that was our house. LOL I know alot of you remember some of these things and are smiling now. :)

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Happyone said...

My gramma used to crochet doll clothes for me. : )
We got more snow too today too.