Sunday, March 9, 2014

Driving around this week...

My DH got off a few days this week, and since it's been too cold to do much we decided to drive around, it was alot of fun. Not sure if we'll get anymore snow, Virginia's had it's share of snow and freezing temps this winter. Spring will soon be upon us. We just felt like driving and driving and we did it for a couple of days during the day. :D

We saw eagles and their nest, a possum that didn't want it's photo taken, trains, snowy tracks, the airport, and old bridge in Manassas, horses, old barns, snowy fields, and foothills in Warrenton. We went to Barnes and Nobles in Springfield, thru Alexandria, (don't like the city), Krispy Kreme and Roy Rogers near there, (haven't been to a Roy Rogers in forever), then down towards Mount Vernon to the entrance, past Washington's Gristmill and back out past the old red and white barn at the now Grist Mill Park. How in the world do those people afford those big expensive houses in there? It's crazy, give me a little farm anytime. We spent the most time in the bookstore, hello, it's a bookstore. :))

I can't wait till Spring to go back to Mount Vernon, one of my favorite places to go. Anyway, it was all fun and interesting. Notice I didn't put photos up of Alexandria, we are NOT city folk and  just wanted out of all that traffic mess. ~shaking head~ Those people drive crazy, they need to put the phone texting down. >.<


Happyone said...

I love those driving around days. We do that every once in a while too. Enjoyed all your photos.

Winter said...

It's just fun to do sometimes, there's so much beauty around us. I love your photos Happyone. They're always so interesting and beautiful.