Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bread making...

So as I really want to get good at baking bread I've found some pointers I'm going to use. I'm going to use King Arthur bread flour and I'm putting the full amount of flour needed, but from what I'm gathering looking at others making it, it's suppose to be a little sticky, but not stick to you. You have flour on your hands, but I think what many of us do is just keep adding flour till it's not sticky, at all. For bread makers out there, is this correct? I believe it's making my bread heavier and not as soft. I mean it's okay for everyday use, but what I want is to make bread like what we buy at the apple orchard. Anyone who bakes wonderful bread, help us out, please. :D
They said this bread is a vanilla french bread and it's so soft, my DH loves it and I want to make him some like it....when I find out how they make it so soft. LOL

Anyway, I found a wonderful site it's http://barnhousenews.blogspot.com/ this is one of the strongest families. It will make you appreciate every second you have with your family. It will show you how as a family you can endure more than you ever imagined and the importance of teaching your children everything in life you can, so they can endure thru the unimaginable and help you through it. I have no doubt the reason they're so strong and just keep going is how their parents raised them and the obvious love they've been brought up in. I'm sure there's times they don't feel strong and just keep going no matter what, but I'm inspired by them and it will make you think, make you appreciate and tell you that you can make it even when you don't think you can.

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Happyone said...

Don't know any secrets about bread making.
Mine is a bit dense but I still love it.