Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Happenings...

Well, although I love the Fall and Winter, I'm looking forward to Spring. What is it about this time,all of a sudden it's wanting to do spring cleaning and growing things? It's brighter colors and rearranging, wasn't it just Christmas? Time goes by too fast and I like to do as much as I can to enjoy each season. So bring on the strawberry patch, flowers, animals in the yard and especially the Cherry tree blossums that will be in my yard soon.

This weekend has been fun, yesterday I made bacon and french toast, I love coming back home to the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. :D I made brownies, but had to wait to frost them till we got home.

We went to our usual weekend with Costco, love the coupon book, but first Lowes and Target. I bought my first herbs of the season, rosemary and chives, and we needed more bird seeds. We love having birds in our yard and feel responsible for taking care of them.

We always run in the mall to grab cinnamon pretzel sticks at Auntie Annes when going to Costco. That's when we're not going to the bookstore in there, we're book fanatics. So when I got home I also had coffee with my cinnamon sticks.

I bought Chai tea at the Starbucks in Target, I had three different giftcards with money left on them and decided to use one. When she asked me if I wanted the remaining amount put on one card, instead of three, I said sure and was surprised I had $17 left. I love giftcards.

We came home, fed the birds, and then I planted my herbs in a pot for the kitchen. I'm not sure I'll be putting them back outside, I'll see how well they do inside. We seem to have a problem with whiteflies every year when I bring some back in during the Fall. I love having them in the kitchen. My oregano and mint do great outside, but rosemary keeps dying and the chives don't grow very fast.

We have rabbits in the back, which I love, so I don't hold much chance any lettuce would last long later. I'll be doing onions and tomatoes in pots on the deck. I could get chicken wire to put around the plants, we'll see.

Our squirrel, Mr Sunflower loves it when we get more birdseed. He helps himself and is nice about sharing with the birds, LOL, but we have to keep getting him out off the feeders. It's actually cute seeing him using his little hands upside down on the branch and can unscrew the "squirrel proof" feeder.

I call him ours, because he's adopted us as his family and is here all the time.
He thinks he's being so coy when we go outside, he just stands motionless like we can't see him. LOL He loves it when the neighbor's sunflowers come out later in the year and he brings some stalk and seeds over to "his spot", in our flower bed corner where the azalea bush is located. He thinks noone will notice the trail from her yard to ours and probably laughs to himself under the cover of the azaleas that he's once again gotten away with it. :)

Then there's the rabbit that's come back to our back deck and lives under it, probably to have the babies later. It might even be one of the babies from last year grown now and knows the spot. I did see a couple of grown ones in the front yards skipping and hopping around at night playing while noone was around.
So here we have another Spring on the way and everything coming back to life, like my daffodils that are out now. It's time to start getting yards and decks ready for the season and I can't wait for strawberries, the Farmers Market and to see flowers on my deck again. I really don't like this time change thing, though, I like sleep and already stay up too late, but after a week it will be as normal.

I made another knitted washcloth in green and my daughter says the red and green together remind her of a watermelon.
We had turkey and cheese sandwiches and she wanted me to take a picture of a couple of her chips that look like hearts. LOL

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Happyone said...

Oh I love gift cards too. It is amazing to me how many people get them and never use them!!
Those brownies look delicious.
We certainly has a nice spring like day here in MD today. Sunny and 70.