Sunday, August 16, 2009


I love Sunday Mornings,my husband cooks breakfast,today it was Daddy/Daughter pancake day.

Then we cleaned out the flowerbeds,planted the flowers and put up the birdfeeder.You see the flowers and birdfeeder didn't make it to the deck,need to get some more this next weekend.We put them in the front.The purple Mum will be on the deck,but the yellow and maroon ones had to go in the front.All that cleaning has made the flowerbeds look bare with all the spring flowers gone and summer ones fading.
We had to water the yard with a soaker hose,because tomorrow it will be almost 100 and no rain in sight.So,you see the little katydid,relative to the grasshopper found my flowers,he had to find another home. ;) I love katydids and grasshoppers,but they eat plants.So,this one had to be put in another safe place.

So,while we were doing all the planting,weeding and watering,guess what my daughter was doing?You got it,soaking in a little pool on the deck,just chilling.Geesh!LOL

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