Sunday, August 16, 2009

DaddysBurger Night...

Okay,my husband is famous with my kids,family and thier friends for his burgers.So,I wanted to have him tell how he makes them and what all he uses.Just pay no nevermind to the black bananas,it's for my banana bread tomorrow...

1.He has to have his brown bowl,it's a given.And ofcourse his moose dishtowel over his shoulder,also a given.Anyway...
His spices are Red Robin Seasoning,which you can buy at Red Robin,and McCormick Steak Seasoning salt.

2.He mixes the seasonings and sprinkles some on bottom of our black iron frying pans and on a plate that he sits the patties on.You notice the aluminum foil everywhere,LOL,I always used to get on to him for his grease splatters,this is his remedy for that.

3.He uses,now this is his gig,so he said to say he uses 7 ritz crackers to a pound of beef,now it can't be 8 or it can't be 6,my words. ;)
He crumbles the crackers up finely in the bowl and sprinkles the seasoning on top.

4.He puts the beef in the bowl and starts mixing in the cracker/seasoning mix,(I am so glad he does).He shows in the pic about how much he uses to a patty.The interesting part,now he has this all down to a technique,he has actually tested all of this,(I'm smiling and just agreeing).He takes burgers quite seriously.

5.He doesn't just make the patties,he rolls and twists and pats while forming them,to mix the meat up good,because it keeps the burger from cracking and splitting while cooking.After preheating the pan about 5 minutes...

6.He cooks them between medium and medium high,as they are cooking the burger will start to swell up in the middle.What's happening is the raw meat is going up and to keep an even cooking burger when they start to do that,he'll pat them down with a fork,not flat,just even.One of the reasons he pats them down is,the swelling or rising of the burger will cause uncooked meat in the edges of the burger.

7.He will turn the burger around,not flipping it yet,so that the outside will be the inside.In other words,at about five minutes into cooking that side,switch from inside to outside edge.You know how things cook better in the middle of the pan, if you turn them around halfway through cooking on that one side,you won't have to cook them as long.So the outeredge is turned to the middle inside and what was the inside edge of the burger is now on the outside edge of pan.Whew!Hope I didn't overexplain it,and you got my point.

8.After about ten minutes the edges will start to look cooked,at this point,turn them over.You poke three holes in the middle of each burger,cook ten minutes and you will know they're done when you push down on the burger with a clean fork and juices will run clear.At this point he turns them over to ensure any raw meat from fork while turning didn't get on burger cooked side,so about one minute and it's done.

9.Please make sure you change forks out when touching raw meat onto the cooked meat at any time.And at this point...
You better have those buns,tomatoes,onions,cheese,ketchup,mustard,pickles,whatever.
I use either Hidden Valley Ranch dressing to the side or onion dip,instead of mayo.Oh,and these are American burgers,so you better have Pepsi.LOL

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