Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of August...

I can't believe it's the end of summer already.I wanted to share some photos of this past week.

Remember I had mentioned our birdfeeder and squirrels.Well,my husband glanced over and noticed what looked like someone's left over apple,but upon getting closer,noticed it was indeed sunflower heads and seeds.

Our neighbor has huge sunflower seed plants that stay till they fall over.We followed the seed trail to what you see in the pic of fallen sunflower plants pulled by the squirrel toward our yard.I really hope she doesn't think we are taking her sunflower seeds,since all evidence is pointed in our direction.LOL

And ofcourse the birdfeeder that is feeding squirrels and birds.

Then going into the backyard,he came across this adorable little grasshopper,Jiminy Cricket,who we thought was adorable,as you can see Jiminy is smiling for the camera. :) I think he was however,none too happy at the many times my husband had to stop him in mid hop to pose him back on the flowerpot for the next pic.But,in the end he merrily hopped off,happy to be rid of us for the day.

And lastly,a trip to Joannes,two weeks left till babygirl comes,still crocheting.The rust color and white fur trim will be the cutest little boots I found a pattern for,which I will show when done.

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