Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deck Get Together...

One thing I wanted to do in September was have a family get together cookout.It's harder to get everyone together in the wintermonths,except for birthdays and holidays.So,we'll pop open the grill for tons of burgers and hotdogs.I just put everything out on the kitchen table,fixings,potato salad,chips,dips,fruit and drinks.Just appoint something for each family to bring,and have those outdoor toys for the kids,bubbles,water guns,etc.Some will be in the front,some on the deck,some in the living room,kids everywhere and never unsupervised,especially when outside. I set up the badminton net,but mainly everyone enjoys talking to one another to catch up from their summer activities.Around here,video games is a must,well,that and a ton of snacks. ;)

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