Friday, March 21, 2008


Okay,I love our little Molly,but tonight I was surfing online and all of a sudden there were sparks and a zap!!!My usb cord and speaker cord were blackened,along with a spot on the carpet,okay,so after my initial shock thinking I might be on my way to heaven,I investigated what actually happened.

I called around to find a polaroid usb cord and will have to either try to match up a universal one or order from polaroid,sucks,I just got the camera and the speakers needless to say are in the garbage.Little Molly,the terrible,ate through the speaker cord and when the usb end that plugs into the camera hit the open wire,it zapped!!!

Soooo,throughout the history of puppyhood there probably has not been a puppy that hasn't chewed and destroyed something,unfortunately it was a cord I needed to upload pictures,so hopefully it won't take long to get the cord.I will keep you all informed.

So to get a good laugh tonight we are watching Buckaroo Bonzai,we love that movie,"So remember,no matter where you go,there you are."I wanted to send out the Blue Blazer regulars after Molly,but that would have been a bit overboard,LOL,although at the time,I wanted to choke her little doggie neck.But,she's so cute and looks at you with those big brown puppy eyes,what are ya gonna do?And why didn't they make another Buckaroo movie anyway?How many millions of times have people asked that question???I don't know anyone that doesn't love that movie.Laugha while you can,monkey boy.

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