Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just playing with my camera...

If you look at the photo on top of the bookshelf,it's a painting of Mount Vernon.I got it at a giftshop there,it's actually a postcard.I just framed it.
I love my old singer sewing machine.I don't know what the spots on this china cabinet pic,I think I need to clean my camera lenses,showed up on the curtains below,also.Wierd,do,do,do,do,I've heard of faint ghosts appearing in pics,but I have spots.
We went to a little antique place I love and my husband wanted this huge copper tray.Now,I love copper,but I hate this god awful huge tray.So,since he likes going with me and indulges my whims ;) I didn't want to discourage his taste,ahem,so anyway,I found a use for it.I decided on putting some everyday eating items,my red currier platter and sugarbowl on the table.I'm going to buy an artist paint swivel tray to make the platter a lazy susan on the table.I'll just cover the swivel tray with a doiley and you'll never know.I can do this now that I only have one child at home and we only use half the table for the three of us.

My new little blue and white precious,her name is Snow,the other one Angel and some of my Blue Willow plates from my collection.

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