Monday, October 29, 2012

Krispy Kreme and Baby Shower...

I love Krispy Kreme, yum, their Fall boxes are adorable and I wait every year for the pumpkin donuts. Why oh why are they so good? LOL Anyway, it's not like I eat them all the time, you see how I'm trying to justify my addiction? ;D So, it's Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte I wait for and these donuts. Today we went to Panera Bread and I got their Pumpkin Spice Latte, it was so good, now I have another Fall delight. :P 

So now do you see what I mean? LOL I'm so bad, now I wonder how many people will have to run and get them just from the pics?

Went to a baby shower yesterday, it was really fun, I made an afghan, duck bib and got a box of diapers. Good gracious, $20 for a box of diapers, how people do it now? It's crazy, but sure beats those cloth diapers. I think God had everything to do with the invention of disposable ones. :)

The house was so cool, love that fire place heater, the popcorn maker was awesome, the house smelled so good with butter popcorn she made for everyone. You can get smaller ones at BJ's. The Herbs and Spice cabinet is adorable, when you open the door on the other side it tells about herbs and spices and what you can use them for in cooking.  I looked out the window and saw the face in the tree, so cute, thought I was seeing things at first. LOL

One of the games I really like is the rice and safety pin bowl. You put rice in a bowl with safety pins and get blindfolded, then you have 30 seconds or whatever time you choose for each of you to get as many pins out in the allotted time. Another one was she put baby items on a tray, socks, thermometer, diaper cream, etc and went through the room one time, without stopping and people had seconds to look at the tray and then write down how many items you saw. The winner is the one who ofcourse guessed the most, for a prize.

She got alot of nice presents, great idea having a baby registry for what you need. I took the photo before all the guests arrived, so she got more presents than what's in the food table photo. There was chocolate cake with a fluffy icing that tasted like cool whip and chocolate pudding mixed, it was so good. Oh and below is a baby sweater, she's having a boy by the way, that I fell in love with. It's knitted with deer on it, I swear I love crocheting, but I wish I could knit like this woman does. I love it.


Carla Belyea said...

Wow, that is the most adorable little sweater!

Winter said...

It is, a woman that she works with made it. It's awesome, I only do washcloths knitted. I actually love knitting and haven't tried anything else yet. I'm a crocheter, I think knitted sweaters are much prettier, though.