Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fun Fall Day...

It was a beautiful day today, the wind was blowing bringing in colder air tomorrow, but it was still beautiful. We went to a little beach on the lake with the fam. Had a cookout with burgers and hotdogs, why do they taste better outside on the grill? I love that smell, now I want a bonfire with marshmallows, hotdogs and cocoa.

Ofcourse the guys found acorns all over the ground, so they just "had" to do an acorn battle. LOL Then a birthday balloon flew up in the top of a tree and my son had to climb up to get it.~shaking head~ :D I guess when they have their own kids, it's too late to send them to their room. LOL He used to be able to stand and do a backflip, run and jump to the wall and flip back. Guess he'll have to leave those to his oldest in a number of years, but he still finds reasons to climb trees, he's fearless.
 One time I caught him and his friend about to jump out of a two story window for fun. I believe they were going to throw a mattress down first. ~still shaking my head~ I did catch all my boys jumping off our roof, but that was a rambler, thank goodness.

 I made chocolate cookies for the party, my daughter made chex mix and my DIL brought a cake that was made out of cupcakes, that was really cool. It was a little messier, because the cupcakes are covered with one layer of thick icing, but hey, it's cupcakes, so it's okay to be messy. :P

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