Monday, June 1, 2015

It's June already!!

I can't believe it's June already. I hope everyone is having a good summer and staying out of the heat. It's getting hot here, already up in the 80's. I'm a Fall and Winter person, but as long as I have crafts to work on, I'm good. :) I'm working on another red and white afghan, here's one I did before for a Christmas present.
This is the one I just started, simple granny square and I love red and white together.

My next one will be another red and white ripple I put a red ribbon edge on. I used Attic24's ripple pattern.
I was also looking in one of my craft drawers to get a kitchen towel to put another iron on and embroider, my others ones have gotten a little shabby and I want to do a summer theme. Here's a link to my other ones and a photo...
So anyway I saw some fabric I love and haven't used yet, and was thinking about doing some yoyos for a quilt. Have you ever had fabric you just loved so much and didn't want to use it so it doesn't grow old looking? Well, I guess it's time to take it out of the drawer and do something with it, maybe pillowcases, not sure.

 Another project I had in mind for the summer is doing some more painting on little wooden boxes. You can find them at thriftshops, but you can also buy some unpainted ones at Michaels, just paint them, modpodge a couple of coats, modpodge some photos, scrap paper pieces, or cut out cards, modpodge the whole thing again. Here's one I did a long time ago.

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