Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas in our house...

I've been so busy I forgot to post photos here. Between decorating the house, which takes a long time with the tree lights and ornaments, Christmas village and nativities, buying and wrapping presents, plus cookies, candy and food for tomorrow, I'm exhausted. It's a wonderful exhaustion, :) my favorite time of year. Here's some random photos from this month.

My daughter and I made our powdered sugar cookies, peanut butter and chocolate cookies. She decorated the sugar cookies. The Santa hat, minus the beard, is crocheted from a pattern here... http://www.redheart.co.uk/filesT/patterns/pdf/LW3878EN.pdf
The chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts and m&m mix is something we make every year and here's where I put the directions... http://soundinthemulberrytrees.blogspot.com/2012/12/christmas-pretzel-mix.html
The Christmas powdered sugar cookies is also made every year and they're found here... http://soundinthemulberrytrees.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-cookies.html

I made this tutu with two strips of ribbon from a roll, cheap at Joannes and the width is 7/8" for more stability to the waist. I also got the tulle at Joannes, cut the tulle strips 36" long and 5" wide for a length of about 16" when tied to the waist in half. She's four, waist of about 22", so I put the knots between 22" in middle of the ribbon, making sure I have plenty of ribbon to tie in the back and you can adjust to sizes up by taking out knots and moving strips over, reknotting to where you want the size. You can add to it at any time as they grow. The one I made in May had alot longer strips, pretty, but if they want to play in it, it needs to be shorter.
My older daughter just started painting the younger one's nails and came up with candy cane and penguins, so cute.

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