Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Pretzel Mix

Every year we make Chocolate Covered Peanut and M&M bags for our stockings. It was awesome the first year we found red and green M&Ms, perfect. We use honey roasted peanuts, they're sweeter, but still salty enough for the mix. The other bag we make up is full of the different Christmas candies, we start buying bags in October at Target. I just put the Pretzel mix in cellophane bags you can get at Michaels and the candies are put in ziploc bags with names on each bag. I also bake chocolate chip cookies the day before and put them in cellophane bags for each one to take home. 

After I get up, first I light the Christmas candles and plug in the tree, village and other twinkle lights in the house. I make sausage and french toast with orange flavoring, instead of vanilla flavoring. We cook a turkey the day before so we can have turkey sandwiches and chips after opening presents.I just put out the buns, turkey, chips and drinks, because all the plates, napkins and bowls are already set up that morning.I have snowman coffee/hot cocoa cups with lids and hot cocoa packets on the table, or for anyone who wants coffee. I use red and green plastic cups for Cranberry Gingerale. I love Christmas traditions, when kids grow up it gives them memories of what they did every year.


Happyone said...

Oh yummy! I could go for a bag of that right now!! : )

Winter said...

Oh, it tastes so good mixed up like that and they're very pretty,also. Last year I got regular peanuts and it didn't taste as good as the honey roasted ones.

Winter said...

Also, the cellophane bags I got this year were too wide. It's better to use the regular skinny sized cellophane ones. The layers are nicer, with these bags everything just sunk to the bottom.