Sunday, July 28, 2013

Twinkies are back and Oh yes, I did! :D

I haven't had a Twinkie for years, but when they said they weren't making them anymore, I started craving it. LOL Then when I heard they're coming back, I did a happy dance. Today I saw them in the store and, "Why Yes, I think I shall." :) I have only one in a saucer, because when I got in the car, I opened up that package and ate one. The unopened packet is my husband's, so I got my Twinkie fix and feel better. ;D

Why is it when we're told we can't have something we want it? When it's there I guess it's just easy to think we can get it anytime. I don't know, but I just hate seeing things disappear we grew up with, even though I haven't had a Twinkie since I was a kid. As a matter of fact whenever I really like something they stop selling it, so I'm going to be careful not to let a company know whatever my favorite of anything is, and maybe they'll stop discontinuing things. ;P

I need to make my own if I can find a recipe. I saw a show where this store had been abandoned, everything had went bad, but the twinkies didn't. Um...


Happyone said...

Now you have me wanting a twinkie!! : )

Winter said...

LOL I wonder how many people will start craving one now? Probably people that haven't had one since they were kids, also. :)