Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Peaceful evening light...

So sitting here today, I looked up and realized how dusty my room had gotten and so quick. I guess it's the fan in the room,so took care of all that today, turned on my twinkle lights that run from the top of the dresser mirror to the nightstand. I love how mirrors reflect the lights, twinkle and candlelights. Lit up some candles tonight, sitting against the pillows, listening to the fan and just thinking on things. Sometimes you have to do that, it helps comes up with ideas.

My daughter was talking about how she started writing a story and she's so happy, because she's had a writer's block. I told her everyone that creates things always does at one time or the other. Sometimes you just have to stop and take other things in to be able to put out something. Sometimes you also have to sit and reflect on life anyway, and not just go and go without thinking.

The little jewelry box was just a little wooden box I painted long ago and modpodged a print out on top I had gotten online. It was so simple and cheap, but has come to be one of my favorite little jewelry boxes.

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