Saturday, June 22, 2013

Briar Rose Runner

This crochet filet graph is called Briar Rose Runner and a very old pattern using crochet thread. I got this graph a long time ago from the old angelfire web pages, those were so good. I hate it when so many good sites are just gone, like geocities, some good stuff. Wayback Machine had this for awhile, now I can't find it.

I started this a long time ago and was going to start it back up. I know you chain 206 to start, wish I had the full instructions, but you can follow the graph. It's not very big, but you can put it in your paint program and make it bigger. Up at the top you'll see the arrow and it says center, kind of hard to read, but you just start that half like it was a mirror image. See where that leaf is starting at the very top, that's the graph going backwards, if you understand what I'm saying. You can google Briar Rose Runner crochet and you'll see what I'm talking about, don't want to use someone else's photo from their site without permission.

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Annemarie Scheffer said...

Hi Winter, thank you very much for this pattern.

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