Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've gotten into this mood to do some hard cleaning, started yesterday getting my deck ready for the summer. When you have an old deck that's untreated w/varnish it gets green from over the winter, yuck. I take bleach water and scrub it with a wire brush, whew, luckily it's not too big. When you start seeing the difference it feels so good, like you've really accomplished something and know you won't have to do it again till next year. LOL

Anywayyyyy, I've finished half of it, scrubbing up deck chairs and the table, oh my husband's going to barbecue me something this next weekend, after all this work. :D He will, he loves his grill. I'm not a summer person, at all, but when it's here I like it and take full advantage of it.

I came in, took a shower, amazing how wonderful a shower feels when you get so hot, it's like Heaven. I ran downstairs for a cup of coffee and cut the tops off some strawberries to freeze. I'm going to make a strawberry smoothie later in the blender. So now I'm just chillin' and going to get back to my afghan.I can't tell you how in love I am with this sweet magnolia flower, it's amazing how this one little flower smells.


Happyone said...

You need a power washer! : )

Winter said...

I sure know it, my son had one, but it broke down. Great for cleaning the side of the house, also.