Thursday, May 9, 2013

 We had a great birthday party for my youngest Sunday. It was a fairytale party at the park, beautiful day. I made a cloak for her, she was a mix of Red Riding Hood, Emma Swan and Mulan. :D She just turned 18 years old, I can't believe it. They had fun playing football, kickball, badminton and everyone just running around. The kids had bubbles, big balls and windmill twirlies, some things just never get old. Give a child a ball and a field to play in, they're in Heaven.

  I made up old fashioned party bags using paper bags, old fashion candies, moonpies, candy necklaces, bracelets, and some little party favors, stuck a windmill twirlie in each, they were so cute. Ofcourse party necklaces, Target had four to a pack party necklace for a dollar each and that's also where I got the twirlies.

I made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, brownies, had chips, jar dips and my DIL brought subway sandwiches, add that with a cooler full of sodas and water. Water is essential when everyone's out running around, surprising how much they'll drink. I want to get a homemade ice cream maker and have an ice cream party. I remember when I was a kid and people were making peach ice cream outside, that was a good memory.

I had made my granddaughter a tutu, my first one. It had white, light and hot pink, and green tulle. I wrapped it on a long piece of 5/8" ribbon so I could tie it in the back and little ribbon pieces between some of the strips. This way I had a piece of thin ribbon at the very end on each side of the tulle strips, so I could tie the waist ribbon to them. Later you can just untie the ribbons at the end and add more tulle as they grow. I took a flower apart and hot glued it together in layers, glued a sparkle button in the middle and hot glued a clip on the back. This way it can just be clipped to the waist to take on and off. I went with this video, it's a very good one, but next time I'll make the strips in 6" wide, instead of 4", maybe I'll see...

   I also made her a couple of hair ribbons, she wore the corkscrew one to the party. Here's the link on the how to... I also had bought a bag of beads at Joannes where I bought the tulle and made her a couple of bracelets and a necklace.

  When you're planning a party do yourself a favor, make a check off list. Everytime you do something and check it off you'll feel so much better and not so overwhelmed. Take that list with you to the store, how many people will be there, what you need for each one and I had a theme in my head. I got most of the things together the night before, which I do for most every big event. The sodas and water had been in the frig so they'd stay colder, and we always have bottles in the freezer for ice, keeps things really cold and takes up less room than a bag of ice. We just use small water bottles and a big water bottle filled with water to freeze.

After I made the red velvet cloak, (material was half priced at Joannes), yay, I took a couple of pics. The above one was too bright, but I thought it was cool, so I kept it. The bottom one is kind of dark, but the very top photo on this post shows the color of it, love the color. Her sister took the photo in the woods of the park and it was all just so much fun, it was a great day.

 Leftover party necklaces and I got my own windmill twirlie, ha ha. :D

After the party we went to Krispie Kreme, oh my goodness, just sayin'. :D

Oh and glowsticks, I love blue glowsticks. I usually always have them for a party bag. Kids around give us excuses to still play with kid things, (I have a little rabbit pez toy from Easter looking at me right now and I eat way too many pixiesticks that I call sugarsticks), pffft there's always leftovers when you make party bags or baskets. ;)

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