Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm getting pretty far on my knitted afghan and decided to play around with this new yarn Paton has out. Well, it's not that new, but I've never tried this and it's very pretty, but really tedious. It's  Patons Pirouette yarn or thread, whatever. It's the ruffle scarf and I found a more detailed instruction video than the Paton site. It's 

I worked up to the point in the photo and decided to get some size 7 needles as the Paton's instructions gave. The video called for size 10, which is what I'm using in the photo, but I think it's too loose for me. I'm going to see how it works. It took like seconds to undo all that work, so I'd sew the edges to where you can't see them on both ends when finished. It came unraveled way too easy.

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