Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lemonade, jars and summer...

I was in a kitchen mood yesterday, made potato salad, lemonade and a pink lemonade cake. So I used the first tomato and onions for turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion sandwiches, had potato salad and cake, with the lemonade for dinner. Sometimes lunch or breakfast foods are the best for dinner and a fun break.

On Pinterest, I saw mason jars with lemonade sitting in a bucket of ice, it looked so good. I didn't put them in ice, but was a fun idea putting them in the jars with the top. My husband loves to drink out of mason jars anyway, my Grandparents always did, so it's fun to see people doing it to this day. It's more expensive making lemonade homemade, but tastes so much better and healthier than storebought.
Well, the lemons are, but it takes alot of sugar.

First I roll the lemons, to get more juice, till softened, doesn't take long. Then I cut in slices and squeeze the juice out into a pitcher, put water , a little over half of that pitcher and over a cup of sugar, we like it sweet so I add more and used seven lemons. Then I put all the lemonslices in the pitcher, stick in the frig, in the evening it's sit long enough. Take the lemons out if you want, some people don't like all the pulp, but it's very healthy. I put mine in the jars after the pitcher was in the frig for about four hours. It made six pint jars and I put a lemon slice in each jar. So he can just pull out a jar for a drink. :D Anyway, I found this cool sight for using jars, some fun ideas... http://putitinajar.com/crafts/

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