Wednesday, September 15, 2010

crafting pics...

Put scrapbook paper or giftwrap paper,glue a Christmas or Birthday card and frame.

I got this box from Joannes,filled it w/sewing things,open shelf that fabric,it inspires.

Box came from Target Christmas dishes,teacup cracked,use it for putting things in,primmed up tags in a jar.

I love Michaels boxes and also different color threads I get from Joannes.

I filled the box with some stamping items from Michaels and old Valentine cards.

This is an old tin,I fill them with anything,and at holidays I collect tins,like the Mrs Fields from Valentines Day.

Boxes from Michaels like at Easter,the best,pretty and cheap,the tall blue box has knitting needles in it.

I love rusting bells and safety pins.I get the keys from Michaels in scrapbook sections.Use them to throw in something or on tags.The jar is tied with primmed up candle wick from Walmart where oil lamps are sold.

Oh,I love mica,I've had this for years,got tons from Diana from Splinters and Rags and I use it esp at Christmas.She's so sweet and she still sells it.I need to get some more.

I love to oven dry oranges and sprinkle with cinnamon,mm mm. :)

This little potholder has faded alot,it was an iron on I made into a potholder and crocheted around it.

I love crocheting little doilies for cup mats and prim them up,do white ones also and crochet tons of snowflakes at Christmas.

I've been getting into this really big crafting mood.Maybe it's the Fall nesting time,but wanted to take some pics of a little this and a little of that.I'm thinking about starting to sell again,but I don't know it's been fun just playing with it.Anyway,I'll share some "getting myself inspired pics" I took today of some of my things.I keep tins and boxes and fill them up with yarn,thread,material,patterns,etc.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Now I know where my kids get this thing with keeping every box they find and filling them with all sorts of treasures! LOL!!! ROTF!

FairHaven said...

Well,they come by it honestly.LOL I've always done that and it's fun years later to open up a little box and find treasures you've not thought about for so long.It's like tucked away memories that come back to you when you open a treasure box. :)