Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring amazes me,flowers start coming up so fast as if they can't wait any longer.In one day buds can bloom by the evening as my daffodils did today.I've been so excited to see flowers are popping out like little ladies in thier fancy clothes.This morning buds and this evening they had bloomed out.I love color anyway,but to see these flowers bloom out so beautifully to show off thier splendor,makes me just stand back in awe.Trees are budding,bushes,flowers,the birds have covered my yard even more with birdseed from the feeders.It's like the world coming back to life after sleeping all winter.The sky is already so beautiful and the blue with all the flowers,oh,I've been so happy this week and it's warm.I have to start cleaning up my deck and clean out the flower beds.

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