Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Answer is Dip...

This is a conversation with my grandson,my daughter chimed in and me Nana...

The Answer is Dip...

Tyler:"I'm hungry,I'm starving,Nana."

Nana:"Okay Ty,I'll get you some crackers"

Tyler:"I want some chips."

Nana:"I don't have chips,I have crackers."

Tyler:"I want some dip."

Nana:"I don't have any dip."

Sarah:"There are answers in this house,I know it!"

Nana:"Thank you Sarah."

Tyler:"The answer is dip, Nana."

Nana:"No,the answer's not dip Tyler,I don't have any dip."

Tyler:"The answer is dip!I tell you!"

Nana:"No,Tyler,the answer is not dip!"

Tyler:"Oh Come On!Just Give Me Dip!"

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