Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mr Odie Possum..

Mr Odie Possum must have had a disagreement with the Mrs and is sulking up in a tree.I believe it's probably until she sees fit to call him home.I'm sure it had to have been a quarrel,because it's rather windy and rainy outside.It's also not a night to be hanging about off a branch,ya know.I told him to be patient,these things do not last long.Although I didn't tell him I'm not familiar with female possum's tempers.

I know he's not stopped by on his way to work as before,because it's Saturday night.The only other conclusion I can come up with,is he might possibly have been out hanging with the boys on a Saturday night excursion.However,it didn't seem proper to ask him as he was quite embarrassed at the indignities he was suffering being caught up in a tree.I just said howdy hey and took the picture.I wonder if he thinks I'm a local reporter and will give him further embarrassment by putting him on the front page of the Mulberry Gazette.

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Movie Girl said...

Oh,how cute! Such a pretty animal! ^_^