Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Holiday Visit to Fredericksburg...

In Colonial times the Rappahannock River was larger and deeper and a very busy port for traveling and supplies.In the pic below is an old bridge in the distance.

I love this toystore below,it is so colorful,notice the sign on the door and then in the pic below this one,look what is in the window.At first,we had to look twice to see it was real.

This building below is a very old and very awesome library called Wallace Library.A book lovers dream with so many books.

And again below is the Rappahannock River and in the distance is a rafter.Swimmers beware in this old river,undertows and years of things being in the river makes it very dangerous.

One of our favorite places to go is Krispy Kreme and around 6pm you can go in just as they are making fresh donuts and watch them being made.Oh,you have not had a donut until you have a fresh donut off the assembly line.MM!And since it's Fall,they have Pumpkin donuts and I have to buy a bag of thier coffee.

When you see this sign light up,you know there's fresh donuts coming up.

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