Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Memory of Tasha...

June 18th,last week,all on the Tasha Tudor email list,got the news that Tasha had passed away quietly surrounded by her family that day.She was 92 years young.It was so sad to so many of us,I didn't want to post about it,but she deserves all the blogs in her memory this last week.Tasha lived the life she wanted,on her beautiful little farm in Vermont,surrounded by the beauty of her flowers and beloved animals.She lived her life to the fullest in her way,a moment out of time in the world she created for herself,family and us.She took us into that world for so many years and has influenced thousands of women from all over the world.Her beautiful artwork,in hundreds of prints,cards and books,since the 30's.Now in stores,you can see her art on the cover of The Secret Garden and Little Princess,but her works have been treasured in homes,too numerous to mention them all here.Her art is beautiful,but it is her way of life,crafts and love of the way of life that has inspired and influenced thousands of us and she will live on for generations.

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