Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's Turkey Day!!!!

Just stuffed and put the turkey in the oven,hooray!Yesterday I made pumpkin,cherry,pecan and apple pies,because everyone has a favorite.My strange little girl ;o),doesn't like pies,pudding or cool whip(what?),so I made her chocolate chip cookies.

I also made,orange congealed salad,that is a story in itself(recipe is in earlier posts).You use orange jello and mandarin oranges,henceforth,orange,hello.I grabbed two boxes of orangejello with other Thanksgiving dinner items,now it's a rush,because you need to get coolwhip,rolls,stuffing and a butterball turkey before they're all bought out,it's like a mad sale around here.

Yesterday I emptied the two boxes of "orange jello",guess what,it was orange mixed with red,some nitwit had put back a box of jello in the wrong place,so I like a nitwit,didn't bother to look to make sure it was two orange and I got an orange and a strawberry box of jello.So,after my husband had already made a run to the store for me,he had to turn around and go back,which made him extremely happy to wait in the long holiday lines :o).

Anyway,made the stuffing to have it for the turkey today.This morning I made french toast and bacon so I wouldn't get bugged all day about them being hungry,they can snack on cheese and crackers for awhile.The eggs are boiled for deviled eggs,funny story,my husband's work had a little thanksgiving buffet and he's a picky eater,he loves to eat,but has to have it just like he likes it.He was telling me what was brought and he said someone brought deviled eggs,but they weren't deviled.I said,"What?".He said they didn't have the little deviling on it,he was talking about the paprika,ha,cracked me up.He said they had asian food,spicy hotwings and most of it he didn't know what it was,LOL,he said the pilgrims wouldn't eat this for a Thanksgiving Dinner,LOL.I think he married me,because I could cook ;o).

I have to put cream cheese in celery sticks,make mashed potatoes,gravy,corn and rolls and slice the cranberry sauce.I'm getting so hungry smelling all of this.We're watching "Transformers",my husband is a fanatic collector of transformers and loves this movie,my favorite line is the Mom saying,"Please,for the love of God drive safely."LOL I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank the Lord for all your blessings.

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