Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall has arrived... :D

So it's upon us, my favorite time of year beginning, and I can hardly believe the summer season is over. Didn't it just begin? School was out, grandkids hanging out with me, the park, going to the beach, the apple orchard, movies and starting life with a new grandson. Life just keeps flowing like a river, with the changing of the seasons, and time doesn't stop, make the most of every minute. 
One of my granddaughters that I've watched since she was born, just started school this year. Her brother was going into 4th grade, so it wasn't like my son wasn't used to having a child in school. However, it's his baby girl, that was hard for them, it was hard for me. Now they have one at home during the day, the dreaded twos and I'm watching him some during the week, along with a new grandson that just turned seven months. Seems like the two year old was just as little. Seems like the granddaughter was just that little. Seems like my kids were just that little.

All of this has been on my mind this month, because of all the changes. My DIL was so sad, she posted on facebook about her baby girl growing up, but as I read that I looked over and saw my own baby girl, a 19 yo teenager. I messaged my DIL and told her it's just beginning, you have so many years of being her best friend, all the laughter, the talks, the passing on of what you know to her. As she grows and you have even more of a relationship with her, you'll discover so many things about her she can express that you never knew. I still have my older daughter calling me when she gets off work everyday. :) You never stop learning about one another.

I used to be so sad my kids were grown, with just one left at home. One day we had a family get together, I looked out and saw my "kids" playing ball together, my grandkids on the playset and running everywhere. I got that I didn't lose anything. I gained so much more and life became more of an adventure to take in, instead of feeling like you lost something, and it was over.

The two year old turns three this month, the seven month old just got a new tooth. You don't stop being a mother when your kids are grown, you become "Grand" mother. Jump in and live it over, (the fun part is you can enjoy them, and hand them back over at the end of the day.) LOL

So back to Fall, Oh the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice coffee, creamor, candles, and anything pumpkin spice I can get my hands on. The apple desserts, gingerbread, molasses cookies, and filling my kitchen with more baking at this time of year than any, besides Christmas. It's getting a little chilly of the mornings, so we're pulling out sweaters, and I'm starting to make Christmas presents, so far babydoll, barbie clothes, and a cupcake scarf.
I put out some of my fall things, garlands, candles, handmade this and that, then once again thought...Didn't I just do this? :D

So Molly and I hung out enjoying the cooler weather and see what Trixie was up to now. Trixie Belden my favorite book series and it never gets old. I don't know how many times I've read these books over and over. I do more reading and crafts when September starts and that cozy nesting in feeling comes.

Twinkie Chan also has an adorable snowflake scarf I'll be making, that's her scarf pattern above I'm working on.

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