Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It's snowing outside, not just snowing, but it's cold and single digit cold, Brrrrrrr!!! What do you do on a cold snowday? I'm knitting in bed snuggled up in a quilt and we're watching Unconditional, really good movie. Let it snow, just don't lose power is the word of the day. I'm picking back up on an afghan I had started earlier.  


  My DIL got me the teapot and cups below, which I definitely used today, but for coffee instead of tea. 

While I'm putting up photos, here's an antique pitcher my daughter got me for Christmas below.


That was yesterday, today is Wednesday, bitter cold outside. It's a day where I keep my housecoat over my clothes and wear my bunny foo foo slippers. It's not cold in here, just a bit of a chill, which I don't like, at all. I like to be warm. This is an older house, so I put up quilts over the living room and one of the bedroom window curtains, because the wind is blowing so hard.

With bitter cold temps you can feel the wind a little around some of the front and back doors, so I lined duct tape around the side and bottom. Hey, it works and it makes a big difference on that little temp control box in the living room, yep.  In the 20 and 30's it's still nice and warm in here, but 7 degrees last night and in the teens today and the wind, Wooeeee!

In the olden days they would put a long piece of fabric filled with stuffing along the bottom of the door, kind of like a long thin pillow. I think I'll work on a couple of those and maybe embroider something on it, they can even work along the bottom of window sills, same concept.
I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to work on last night, because I'm wanting to get done what I've put off. So I decided to work on two projects at once. Yeah, that's how I roll, so I knitted for awhile and worked on patching up an old quilt.


Happyone said...

I went out and played in the snow. It was 0 degrees but bundled up I stayed warm. I made snow angels. I love the snow. : )

Winter said...

I love to look at it from the window. LOL I love snow storms and rain storms, because it's cozy in the house. :D