Thursday, November 14, 2013

Knitting slouch hats...

Okay, so I'm getting brave and venturing past knitting scarves and afghan squares. I decided to make my daughter a slouch hat, there's all kinds of free slouch hat patterns. I bought a little book at Joannes my daughter saw and tried one in the color she wanted. The two hats,(one on the top of photo), is the book pattern from the side and pushed down. I followed the pattern, took each hat all the way out a couple of times, because they didn't look like the hat on the cover. Not slouchy enough, so the other one is more slouchy, that's from an internet pattern. Neither pattern is exactly what I wanted, so going to try more patterns. At this time, she now has three hats, by the time I finish she'll have a closet full of hats. LOL

I am having fun learning the different stitches, what they look like and how to do them and I'm loving knitting. I DO NOT like using the double pointed needles, they make me a nervous wreck and have to find stoppers for the ends. I'm also finding knitting is harder than crochet, which crochet will always be my first yarn love, but knitting makes such beautiful items. I'm starting to learn what the stitch looks like between knitting and purling, so I don't have to take out hours of work when I lose stitches. I know, I know, I'm a yarn perfectionist, anyway I'm going to find the right slouch hat pattern, I just know it. Anyone have a good pattern to link me to? I want one with alot of slouch. :D


Happyone said...

Nice hats. I like to knit too.

Have you checked out

If your get hooked up with them you can find loads of patterns.

Winter said...

Oh yes, I use Raverly, just did a hat from there. I usually google something and find alot of things on Raverly. I'll search for one on the site. They have awesome patterns.