Saturday, August 18, 2012

Projects for this week...

I painted one of my kitchen counter chairs, covered over the medium blue and made it Wedgewood Green by Apple Barrel. You can get those little bottles at Michaels. It took a couple of coats and three coats of Modpodge for the sealer. I love red and green. I need to buy some red checkered material to make another tablecloth.
I've almost finished my homespun afghan, the one I showed using my old yarn. I call it homespun, because it's just homey and warm. I've decided to keep the end strings as fringes. When I connect the rows with a different color of yarn, I leave both pieces longer. When I'm done with the rows I'll just tie some fringes at the changing of the colors that don't have any. I really love that crochet/knit look, remember it's just single crochet in the back of the stitch, instead of both loops, giving it the knit look.

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