Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Ramblings

Hey,been awhile since I've been on,homeschooling,birthday parties,babysitting and crocheting has kept me busy.Just wanted to share some pics I've taken recently.I got a hydrangea for Mother's Day.I've always wanted one,found out to get it light blue I need more acid in the soil,that's why it's purplish pink,instead of light blue.I've heard you can put a pine needle mulch to help with that,which I'll try. My son and daughter got me a beautiful teaset,I love the box.My little one got me a Joannes giftcard and ofcourse that went to yarn. :)

We've had three birthdays since May,a 16 year old,she chose purple and black as colors and a character theme,with alot of different characters for her table.Then a six year old Ironman party and a nine year old Chuck E Cheese party with the most beautiful fairy cake,I've ever seen.Fun,fun,fun,it's been a really good Spring,my roses have been blooming,and I'll post the baby blanket I've been working on.

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