Thursday, January 14, 2010

Done and Done...

I am finished with the baby afghan!!!Yay!!!The stripe is dark brown,not black and I just can't get my camera to show it as such.But,anyway,it's a simple ripple pattern you can get offline anywhere,one row I crochet in back of each stitch and the next row,crochet in front of each stitch,that way one side has the ridges,making it the front.But,the top stitch of three doublecrochets and the three decrease double crochets are worked in both front and back stitch.If you look at it in the above pic you can see what I almost makes it look like a flower on each top stitch increase.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Mornings...

This is the baby afghan I'm crocheting at this time with ripple pattern,standard ripple,but one row I work only the back,next row the front,so that one side always has the ridges.The photo of the brown stripe looks black,but is actually brown.I'll finish this by Wednesday,so I'll take a pic and make sure the brown shows up.

Tasha Tudor has given such a legacy with her lifestyle and I,as many,think of her often.Like this morning,a winter chilly day,but I'm inside crocheting and under a quilt.I get sad sometimes thinking of her not being with us now,but she given us all so much and what a testimony,living on in people's minds for years.And even now,my daughters know who she is and it just goes on and on.Thank you Tasha for years of happiness to so many.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Memories...

This morning I lit a match to light my Christmas candle and making my coffee,it made me think of my grandparents.It's funny how different scents can remind you of memories and I started taking some pics of some of the memories of Christmas decorating that gave us the sites of our Christmas.Here are some of them.The first pic is of my silver I got at an antique shop earlier and my husband said I could get it,but to put it away from Christmas.Well,as of today you see he's still not cleaned it.LOL He promised this weekend,but the wind was blowing so hard and he wanted to clean it outside with that silver cleaner.Um hm,well,we'll see this week,ha.I was going to do it,but he said,since it was from him,he wanted to do it...Pffttt! ;)