Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Mornings...

This is the baby afghan I'm crocheting at this time with ripple pattern,standard ripple,but one row I work only the back,next row the front,so that one side always has the ridges.The photo of the brown stripe looks black,but is actually brown.I'll finish this by Wednesday,so I'll take a pic and make sure the brown shows up.

Tasha Tudor has given such a legacy with her lifestyle and I,as many,think of her often.Like this morning,a winter chilly day,but I'm inside crocheting and under a quilt.I get sad sometimes thinking of her not being with us now,but she given us all so much and what a testimony,living on in people's minds for years.And even now,my daughters know who she is and it just goes on and on.Thank you Tasha for years of happiness to so many.

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